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The partnership with STAR FM for both the Great Barrier Reef Marathon Festival and CITYRUN events commenced in 2011. Since that time STAR FM has been a Premier Media Partner for all events. STAR FM is recognised as a partner who always adopts an “above and beyond” attitude in any promotional activities.

From the State and General Manager down, STAR personnel are 100% committed to delivering the highest standards of media support.

For the CITYRUN and Great Barrier Reef Marathon Festival this support has included:
- Star FM MCs and STAR FM live on the big screens at all events.
- Promotion of entries for each event for each STAR FM station.
- Online registrations available through STAR FM.
- A commitment to preserving the Great Barrier Reef - our National Treasure and healthy lifestyles and communities.
- Introduction to Run for the Reef Sponsors.
- Extensive promotion of all events through the STAR FM & Grant Broadcasters network.
- Coverage of all Run for the Reef special events and news.

The CITYRUN and Great Barrier Reef Marathon Festival commend the team at STAR FM to all events – especially in the north Queensland region where the professionalism and commitment of STAR FM to events is always of the highest standard.

The Run for the Reef Initiative involves runners competing simultaneously in cities around Australia raising awareness and funds for the Great Barrier Reef. In 2017 1000’s of participants competed in Cairns, Townsville and Mackay. All ages and abilities were represented from Olympians and families to STAR FM corporate teams. Participants at each of the events not only participated against all other runners in every Run for the Reef CITYRUN event at the same time, but they also all raised funds through the Run for the Reef registration process and through the Everyday Hero fundraising platform.

The Run for the Reef events includes the famous Great Barrier Reef Marathon Festival conducted annually in Port Douglas in October and the expansion of the CITYRUN simultaneous events around the world where participants run to raise money for Great Barrier Reef research.

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