The Cairns Museum and the Cairns Historical Society want to help future generations understand the experience of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in our particular part of Australia.

What does cabin fever look like at your place? Are you cooking up a storm, cleaning, gardening? Are you getting around to those jobs that you just never had time to before?

We want to capture history in the making so future generations know what this time was like.

We need you to help us capture our first-hand experience of this event. Anyone in Cairns, across the spectrum of age, gender, cultural background, first language, employment status or religion ­- everyone’s experience is unique but together we can tell a story of our shared experience in Cairns. We are very keen to hear from kids or teens about their experience of this period.

Are you willing to contribute? There are a number of ways you can do through video diaries, the written word, photos, short films.

To find out more visit Cairns Museum HERE!