Meet Brady

Brady Ellis has been working in radio since 2011. In that time he’s been shot at, been run over by a motorbike, AND had his collarbone shattered, all in the line of duty.

For some reason he still keeps coming back!

Brady has done stints behind the microphone in Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland, which has left him completely confused as to what to order at the pub.

"Is it a pint? A schooner? What’s a pot? Just give me the big one please."

When he’s not at work he’s most likely installing the latest modification on his 4WD, posing semi clothed on his motorbike, or trying to be like his idol Scotty Cam and tackling a home DIY project. 

Also, he claims responsibility for getting the last three Prime Ministers into office. 

Mornings with Brady weekdays from 9am