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Woolworths Warns Of Fake Facebook 'Fan Page'

Woolworths - Chadstone Shopping Centre

Woolworths is warning shoppers to steer clear of a fake page, which has appeared on Facebook.

The supermarket giant warns an unauthorised page called 'Woolworths Fans' is offering “free groceries”for a year.  

In a post issued on Sunday, followers were urged to share the page with their Facebook friends for a chance to win a year’s worth of free groceries.

The post has attracted 1,700 comments and 836 shares so far.  

Woolworths Scam FB

A search back through their news feed reveals other similar giveaways were offered in exchange for 'shares' and 'likes'.

The page, which has no association with the real Woolworths, has attracted over 25,000 followers and likes.  

But the 'Woolworths Fan' page has not outsmarted everyone.  One woman warning "this community has no affiliation to Woolworths. Stop following".  

A Woolies spokesperson confirmed to Yahoo News on Wednesday that the fan page was not an authorised Woolworths Facebook page, and is not affiliated with the supermarket in any way.

“We have contacted Facebook to ask for the page to be taken down promptly,” they told Yahoo.  

“We encourage our customers to be vigilant of online phishing scams, which seek to imitate well-known brands to collect personal information" the response ended.