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Drunk drives on rims down Sydney motorway

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A drunk nurse who drove a car with just two tyres kilometres down a Sydney motorway has claimed he was just looking for a place to pull over.

Merrylands man Ravinesh Kumar Naresh, 36, was chased five kilometres down the M4 Motorway by concerned roadworkers before his sedan became "completely immobile" and had smoke billowing from the engine.

But the man who admits he drank six schooners in an hour before getting in his car had an explanation for his April 12 antics.

"I was just trying to find a place to pull over," Naresh told Parramatta Local Court on Thursday.

Baffled magistrate Robyn Denes drew attention to the registered nurse seemingly being oblivious to the damage on his car.

"The fact that you didn't realise it and that it happened is concerning," she said.

Agreed facts state the two tyreless wheels of Naresh's Holden Cruze were "severely damaged" and thick smoke was coming from the engine bay of his car.

Naresh later recorded a blood alcohol of 0.133.

He told police he had six mid-strength schooners after playing soccer in Hoxton Park, which is more than 15 kilometres from where he was found by police.

In court, he asked to be given the minimum penalty.

"I can go to the minimum but that would not be appropriate," the magistrate stressed.

"That (minimum penalty) is for your stock-standard 0.08 blood alcohol offence.

"You had smoke coming out of the engine bay."

Naresh, who pleaded guilty to the only charge of mid-range drink driving, was convicted, fined $1000 and disqualified from driving for six months.

He will have to have an alcohol interlock fitted to his car for the first year of his new licence.

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