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Like it cold? Check out this new Arctic Hotel


Now you can stay in a floating hotel with the northern lights playing right outside your window.

The Arctic Bath hotel can be found frozen into the middle of a river in Northern Sweden.

There are six cabins available on the water and six cabins on the land. Depending on the time of year, you could be staying on a frozen river or floating.

The rooms come with all the creature comforts including free Wi-Fi access, air conditioning or heating (you'd wanna hope so!).

The hotel also features a spa including four separate saunas, a hot bath and an outdoor cold bath.

So how much you ask?

The travel company offering the whole experience (including five course dinners and breakfast) is asking for $7,158 (£4,031) without flights.

Considering I was cold up a Tinaroo over the weekend....might have to work up to this!