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Help! My teenager wants to get on social media

I knew the time was coming when my soon-to-be teenager would ask the question, "Mum, can I get on Snapchat"?

That's usually followed up by, "All my friends are on it!"

Teenage-hood can be a tricky time for everyone. They're all about testing the boundaries and exploring their new found independence; and as parents it can be hard to navigate this new assertiveness.

Up until this point, I've only let my oldest child have a Pinterest account. I understand it, I have my own account. It's relatively safe.

But from what I understand about Snapchat, it's more of a secretive photo-sharing platform. And that TERRIFIES me.

What's been your experience with your teenager on social media? When did it start and what's the best tip you would give to navigate this on-line world?