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I Am....Roxy - the verdict is out!

Roxy Jacenko

Channel Ten's Pilot week is on again this year and one of the shows up for consideration aired last night, "I am.. Roxy", featuring the polarising PR loud-mouth, Roxy Jacenko.

The reality show, narrated by Barrie Cassidy, shows behind the scenes of Roxy's PR and social media company where she berates her staff at looking at her "blankly".
And she's obviously the boss on the home front too as she lets it rip at her husband, Oliver Curtis, for not consulting with her about some of the home renovations to their $6.5 million mansion.

She admits in the show that she sometimes feels guilty that she's not as focused on her kids, Pixie, 8, and Hunter Curtis,4, as she perhaps should be. 

The style queen once admitted to the Daily Mail that she spends a staggering $30,000 on fashion each month. "If you were to look at my debit card bill, it would be between $80,000 and $100,00 a month," confessed Roxy, who shops "every single day".

So if you watch the pilot of the show last night, how do you rate it? Want more Roxy or not?

"I Am ROXY" TV Pilot : Do you want to see more?