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Would you have voted to keep LUKE? : Cast your vote!


I shed a tear for the "King of the Jungle" on last night's Survivor Australia, when tribal council voted him off the show.

Luke Toki was no doubt the favourite. He'd tried once before and was back this year with a huge desire to win the $500K prize money for his family. His two young sons are both on the spectrum and his baby girl has Cystic Fibrosis.

Pia Miranda had a tough decision to with her heart and keep him on the show; or vote with her head and cast off the show's biggest threat.

Through tears, she made her choice and it hasn't gone down well with some Aussies.

But alas, human kind has come through a winner. Overnight, various Go Fund Me pages have been set up with one of them already raising over $100K at the time of writing this article.

So, if you were in Pia's shoes last night - what would you have done?


Would you have voted LUKE off the Survivor Australia?