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Hairdresser offering SILENT Treatments


Small talk.

You either make it when you really have to, or you avoid it all together. I mean, how many times do you think baristas, uber drivers, and hairdressers get asked "how was your day?"

Well, a hair salon in London has combatted the dreaded small talk, offering “silent” haircuts. And they're doing it in the name of good mental health.
The treatment, offered at Not Another Salon on Brick Lane in London is just like any other haircut, aside from the fact that the stylist won’t say a word to you for the duration of your appointment, once you've discussed the haircut you want. They aren't even charging extra for the silent treatment.

The salon's owner has backed the service, stating “These days, in our overstimulated world, alone time is scarce and I believe that is the key to better mental health.” She goes on to say that an aversion to small talk is just as valid a need as any.

“Because of our no judgment policy we also get a lot of people with mental health issues who might not feel that they want to talk about themselves,” Owner Sophie Hilton continues. “The silent haircut allows then to know it's ok to be them.”

Maybe it's her own mental health she's looking out for too.

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Following this revolution of a time-honoured tradition of small talk with the hairdresser, who knows what will be next to go silent? Taxi drivers? Check-out attendants? Bartenders? Maybe even airline passengers!

Do you prefer the silent treatment?

Do you prefer to have a SILENT hair appointment?