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My trip to Hartley Creek Falls ...... MAGIC!

This time of year, instead of heading to the beach - where you risk a nasty run in with a stinger, try exploring some of the stunning, natural waterholes we have in abundance in Far North Queensland.

Over the weekend, I found a new one! Can't believe I have never even heard of Hartley Creek Falls.


This 7.5km (return) track is mostly shaded all the way, well maintained, and a fairly easy climb that our bunch of kids (aged from 8 years old) did with no complaints.

If you prefer to ride, the track is definitely wide enough for mountain bikers.


Halfway to the falls, there's a great place to enjoy a quick dip at Flat Rock where the kids loved the natural rock slides.


Just before you get to Hartley Creek Falls there's also some great rock pools to submerge yourself in.


But the best is yet to come.
Hartley Creek Falls is a magical waterfall where the adventurous can fling themselves from the top into the deep water below.

There's also a cool rope swing and plenty of big, flat rocks to set up your picnic.

Allow yourself 45 minutes each way (that's at an easy pace) and bring insect repellent and good shoes as there's a bit of loose rock hills to navigate.

Unfortunately, being in a national park you will have to leave the canine's at home.
I rate this walk a big 10 out of 10.
Accessible and do-able for the entire family.