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Valentine's Day - what do you REALLY want?


Woolies has said today that they will probably sell around 159 punnets of strawberries per minute for Valentine's Day romantics with a healthy, sweet tooth.

In ancient Greek mythology, strawberries first grew on ground watered by the tears of Aphrodite as she wept over the death of her lover Adonis. This heart-shaped aphrodisiac gives the body a healthy dose of antioxidants and improves the blood flow.

In Finland and Estonia, February 14 is known as 'Friends Day', a celebration of platonic love. Friend’s Day is celebrated by single people and couples alike. Families, friends and couples gather for shared meals and exchange cards. In fact, it's the second most popular card giving holiday in Finland.

Let's forget traditional Valentine's Day presents, what do you really want in the name of love?

I think there's nothing that says, "I love you", like a good foot massage, whilst eating said strawberries... haha.....
What's your flavour?