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Which massive role did Robbie Williams turn down?

It's pretty hard to fill someone's shoes, especially someone as big and as loved as Freddie Mercury was.
Robbie Williams has revealed he was asked to join the band, Queen, shortly after collaborating with them on an updated version of "We Are the Champions" back in 2001.
According to SiriusXM, Robbie also confessed why he turned them down. "Even though I'm very confident here on the microphone, I have suffered with incredibly low self-esteem. And I just thought I'd save them the audacity of me even trying to step on a stage and be in the same echelon as Freddie Mercury, 'cause he, to me, is angelic — he's God-like. It was just too scary."
And about having regrets, he said "Adam Lambert, if he wasn't such a lovely person which he is, I would just be terrified of him because of his pure talent. His voice is absolutely incredible," said the singer.

Check out the interview, below. 

Do you think Queen got it right with Adam Lambert?