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Katrina's loss helps other families of children with a rare disease


Katrina Bryant lost her young son 2 years ago and has spent her time and her own money since then, setting up a legacy - "Brock's Legacy", to support families of children with rare diseases.
Her friend Carolyn nominated her to win Star 102.7's Random Pack of Kindness.
"She is such a kind person with a heart of gold and wants to help others going through what she and her family did. Just when she thinks things are getting somewhere she hits a bump in the road which puts the legacy on the backfoot but she keeps going. She's amazing!" said Carolyn in her on-line submission.
Thanks to The Edge Hill Butchery, who has put together this $200 hamper, you can also nominate someone deserving by heading here.

Dave & Inkie made the phone call this morning to a very happy Carolyn and Katrina. Listen below: