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Hiking adventures to the top of White Rock

It's so great to see so many people out this time of year, exploring our impressive list of hiking tracks found throughout the Far North.
Over the weekend I walked to the White Rock lookout. This was the 3rd attempt at completing this hike - the 1st attempt we headed off on the wrong trail and the second attempt was dampened by bad weather.
This time success!
Our group of mums and kids (youngest aged 12) headed up Copperlode Dam road, a good nearly 10kms drive from the bottom to find the gated entry. So we parked the car, grabbed the water bottle and off we went.
The gate is locked but you can squeeze through it.
The first 10 minutes is straight up - yep, it's a good heart-starter, walking along the access road to the Communications Site. This is the hardest part of the walk.

The rest is a gradual, undulating, shaded rainforest track that meanders for a good 30 minutes before you start scrambling down to the lookout.


(picture - shaded, rainforest track)

This is a tricky section. Make sure you have good shoes with lots of traction, keep an eye on the kids, and use the nearby trees to help you scale down safely.


(picture - climbing back up the steep section to the lookout)

There's not a lot of room at the lookout, so just be careful taking your selfies and definitely no handstands for Instagram.


(picture - the White Rock lookout)

The whole hike took just 1.5 hours (round trip) and on the drive back we checked out the newly renovated lookout over Kanimbla.
Sunday arvo done! Thank you FNQ for your wonderful nature.