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'Nice Karens' could win FREE PIZZA

Lately, the name 'Karen' has been given a bad wrap. Anyone pushing conspiracy theories about the pandemic, challenging authority, not wearing masks, and generally being a selfish nuisance are been dubbed as 'Karens'.
Domino's wants to prove that not all 'Karens' are....'Karens', and have got free pizzas to show their appreciation.
"At Domino's, we know there's plenty of Australians named Karen that aren't, well, "Karens". Let us know if you're one of them by completing the form...We may send some pizza your way!"

100 lucky (and nice) Karen's will be rewarded with pizza on Friday. To be in the running, Karen's are encouraged to upload their ID onto the Domino's website and in 250 words or less, explain why you're a 'nice' Karen.
Karen's of Australia, it's time to speak up!