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Butter in your Vegemite? The Vegeknife is here to help!

Unlike, clueless humans like Tom Hanks, Aussies all know that when it comes to vegemite on your toast, you need to pre-layer with a healthy dose of butter. The butter/vegemite combo has brought a "rose in every cheek" for many decades.
But unfortunately, a very well-known side effect of this breakfast ritual is butter in your Vegemite jar!

Cross-contamination.....yuk! Nobody wants to see that!
The makers of Vegemite have found a solution to this age-old dilemma.
Introducing the VegeKnife!
For a limited time only, the dual-headed knife with butter at one end, and vegemite at the other, will be available via their Instagram page.

Head over by October 25 to get yourself this genius piece of cutlery.
What a game changer!!