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PINK SALT... is it really better for you?


Pink Salt - it's thought to be a better, healthier version of the standard white table salt. But, a new Australian study has debunked that theory.

Independent research company Nutrition Research Australia has examined 31 samples of pink salt that you can buy in Australia and put it to the test.
Do they contain more nutritional benefits than their cheaper (whiter) counterparts?
The short answer is yes, but there is a catch.
The research showed that pink salt has more essential nutrients than table salt, however we would need to have six teaspoons of the stuff to get any benefit. By the way, that works out to be 500% more than your daily sodium limit.
Not only that, one sample showed traces of lead that are above the national contaminant level. On the whole, Australian samples had lower levels of essential nutrients and non-nutritive minerals.
Ohhh.... but pink salt looks so much prettier though!
So, what's the verdict for you?
Save yourself some money and go back to buying plain old boring white table salt, or stick with the fancy stuff?