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Why have you called Cairns home?


COVID-19 has changed the way we think about our work/life balance and for some city dwellers, it's meant a move to regional areas of Australia.
The Regional Australia Institute (RAI) is launching early next year, a campaign to promote living, working, and investing in regional Australia.

Advance Cairns hopes that Cairns will feature as a premium destination for those who want to escape the rat race and improve their quality of life to live in a vibrant, regional town. 

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And there's a lot going for Cairns too.
We're a multicultural city with an international airport offering direct flights to every capital and pre-covid - seven direct international flight routes.

The natural environment surrounds us providing plenty of opportunity to fish, hike, snorkel/scuba dive, four-wheel drive, camp, water ski....the list goes on.

What is the one main reason you chose Cairns as home?