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What pizza topping is Australian's least favourite?


Today is World Pizza Day, a day where we should all be rejoicing that back somewhere in the sixteenth century in Naples, someone decided that putting cheese and toppings on some dough would be a good idea.
God bless you!
These days, we load our pizza doughs with everything from pineapple and capsicum to anchovies and bocconcini!
But what is the most hated pizza topping in Australia?
You might expect the answer to be pineapple, but the humble OLIVE was recently rated the most hated pizza topping by pizza-loving Australians.
A survey by food delivery service Menulog showed that while supreme pizzas were the most popular order in New South Wales, Queensland, and the ACT - accounting for 16 to 17 percent of orders - olives, a topping commonly associated with that kind of pizza, were removed more times than any other ingredient.
What's your least favourite pizza topping?