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I love my cheese, but even this has gone too far....


After the popular baked feta pasta dish went viral earlier this year, Tiktok has gone wild for another cheesy pasta hack, this time 'Honeycomb Pasta', posted by Anna Rothfuss (bananalovesyoutoo).
In the video, Anna is shown shoving string cheese down EVERY cannelloni tube, then topping it with pasta sauce and cooked mince, only to add MORE cheese to top it off and baking it in a springform cake pan.
As expected, the final result is one cheesy mess that looks like it will clog your arteries just by looking at it!


This honeycomb pasta is so good!! 🍝 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #pasta #cookinghacks #yum

♬ original sound - Anna Rothfuss

YUK! And that's coming from a cheese-lover!!