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My Great Grandfather named Edmonton! What's your family connection to the region?

I only recently found out that my Great Grandfather - Henry "Harry" David Dear named Edmonton! Apparently, back in the early 1900s, he won a competition to decide on a new name for Hambledon Siding. They literally pulled the name out of a hat! He named it Edmonton after his birthplace in England, which was Edmonton in North London.

He sounds like a bit of an entrepreneur. In 1914, he owned the first hire car in Cairns, a Studebaker, and sometime later, sold up a cane farm and in 1927, built the Dear Hotel for $6000. It ended up changing names to be called the El Arish hotel which is still trading today.

In fact, my Grandmother - Olive, can be seen in one of the photos on the walls in the pub!


Who else has an old family connection to Far North Queensland?