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Why I WILL NOT be taking my dog on a plane with me


News out today that airlines now have the option of allowing us to take our pets into the cabin with us - sitting by our feet or even on the seat!!!

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority updated its “carriage of animals” policy that absolves the regulator of the responsibility so it will interesting to see what the airlines do.

Would you want to take your dog on the plane with you?

I wouldn't. It's only been in recent years I've been able to enjoy just sitting, relaxing, maybe watching a movie on a plane, and not constantly fussing over the kids. I swear my dog, Teddy, (pictured above, isn't he cute?) will be even more of a handful than the kids. And, I would be a nervous wreck expecting Teddy to do a number #2 down the aisle or bark at the other dogs.


Please don't let this happen airlines.....
Dogs at Bunnings and cafes - YES
Dogs on Planes - a definite NO from me.

What about you?