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Has your age ever been an issue?


A funny story I read this morning about a 69 year old Dutch man who has started a legal battle to legally change his age to boost his dating success on Tinder.

He wants to legally change his birth date from 11 March, 1949 to 11 March, 1969.

His argument? "You can change your name. You can change your gender. Why not your age?", he pleaded to a local court in south-east Amsterdam.

It made me wonder if my age has ever been an issue.
The only issue I have is my ageing body. These days I can't just go for an impromptu run because chances are I'll blow a calf muscle.
And sometimes if I sit for too long my hips cramp up.

Other than that I love my age. My 20's and 30's have nothing on the fun I'm having in my 40's!

Might go and watch my favourite movie again....