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Would you do a SHOEY?

I attended a wedding recently in Cairns and watched some of the groomsmen participate in a 'Shoey'.

By the way, in case you've been living in a cave, a 'Shoey' is to pour a beer into your own shoe, and then drink it directly from the said shoe.

Now I'm a big fan of most Aussie celebration traditions. Watching the boys drop their daks during 'Eagle Rock' or girls getting on their shoulders during 'Horses' but there is no way I would ever do a shoey.

Kacey Musgraves who is a big US country music star touring Australia at the moment was introduced to the 'shoey' last night during her concert in Sydney. The crowd started chanting, "do a shoey!" And by the sounds of her response, she feels like I do. “That’s disgusting. I’m not f**king drinking out of your shoe,” she replied.

C'mon Australia....that's embarrassing.