Fancy A Job At Google?? You Need These 4 Things

Google currently have over 72,000 staff members with the average base salary for a Google engineer is $US128,000. Sound pretty good doesn't it

But there are 4 things you need and you don't need to google them to find out.  Here they are


Cognitive ability — how you figure stuff out.

Role related knowledge — if you want to be an engineer, how well can you code?

Leadership — “what are the other things you’ve done where you’ve led a bunch of folks?”


And the fourth one is, well, a little harder to account for and is known in the company as “Googlyness”.


If you plan on going for a job with google, you will usually go through 4 or 5 interviews before being offered a job within google. Google say that the behavioural and attitude aspects of a person’s character often the focus