Jordie Ireland's new single 'Throw Away My Number'

21-year-old Sydney based DJ Jordie Ireland has released his new single ‘Throw Away My Number’. 

This new track was written by Jordie with Riley Biederer, Scott Effman (grammy nominated and award winning songwriter/producer who has worked with Akon, Chris Brown and Kelly Clarkson) and Jeremy Drakeford. He met Riley and Scott during a trip to LA, and Jeremy when he reached out to Jordie via Instagram after the success of his first single ‘Take Cover’ (13m streams). Riley, who also features on the track, is a 23-year-old pop singer based in LA, who recently had a top 10 hit in Canada with DJ Frank Walker called ‘Heartbreak Back’. At age 15, Elton John signed her to his international music management company, Rocket Music, before then appearing on The Voice as part of Pharrell Williams’ and Gwen Stefani’s teams. She also had the opportunity to perform a duet with Katy Perry.

“The amazing thing about LA I found is, with basically everyone you meet from the industry you are one connection away from a lot of the people you aspire to be like and look up to.” – Jordie Ireland

Getting his inspiration from the likes of Zedd and Avicii, Jordie has started writing acoustic versions of his songs first, allowing the vocals to shine through and be the driving force throughout his music, then building up the dance elements. Despite the success of Take Cover and One In A Million, Jordie wasn’t entirely certain of the style of music that he enjoyed making the most until he wrote ‘Throw Away My Number’.

Growing up with a love of musical instruments, Jordie was classically trained in both the piano and guitar by the age of 11. After being inspired by the melodies and complexity of songs from some of his favourite artists, he drew his attention to electronic music, and began his DJ career at the age of 18.

After making a deal with his parents, Jordie took a Gap Year to give music a shot. If he didn’t have success in a year, he would need to go back to university. Jordie went on to achieve a Gold ARIA single with his debut track, ‘Take Cover’, which led to a music trip to LA (part funded by American Express - Music Backers Campaign) and buying studio equipment. He now produces his music at home.

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