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Annual Erection Of The Poles

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They stand as towering silent sentinels over the Cairns Showgrounds, 90ft tall and of carefully selected girth; specially supplied by Millstream Timbers of Ravenshoe to meet precision criteria.

But these impressive poles of the Australian Show Pole Climbing Championships are the result of a proud joint erection effort undertaken and sponsored by the genuine upstanding professionals in the field; Ergon Energy and Century Cranes.

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The impressive poles were erected on Thursday, during the final day of the Cairns Show.

Professional climbers armed with toe spikes, safety harnesses and true grit will race for the top of these poles in a matter of seconds in an effort to take out the coveted title of Australian Show Pole Champion.

Each pole will proudly bear the sponsors’ logo thanks to Lance and Michelle from Mural Mania who have kindly donated their time, materials and talent to add the finishing professional touch to the poles.

The Cairns Show Association proudly partners with these generous sponsors to present the largest community event in Cairns – and Australia’s biggest regional show.