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Adani In Strife Over 'Admin Error'

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Adani is being prosecuted over an administration error, after information was left out of its 2017/18 annual return.  

The Indian mining company has come to the attention of the Environment Department once again.  

An Adani spokesperson confirmed the Department of Environment and Science has "chosen to prosecute Adani Mining for an administrative error in our 2017/18 Annual Return for the Carmichael mine, which we self-reported in September last year".  

"We have been notified that the prosecution will proceed despite the fact all relevant works were legal and fully complied with our project conditions, and despite there being no environmental harm.

"We will assess the documentation relating to the prosecution in consultation with the Department of Environment and Science, and participate in the relevant legal processes required to resolve this matter.

"Improvements to internal processes were introduced at the time the administrative error was discovered and reported by us to ensure paperwork errors of this nature are avoided in the future.

The matter is expected to be mentioned at the Brisbane Magistrates Court on August 16.

The Adani spokesperson also stressed that the DES had publicly cleared the company of unsubstantiated allegations made last year by activist group Coast and Country about Adani’s drilling programs.

The DES released a statement saying, “DES has also received allegations relating to clearing of land undertaken by Adani at the Carmichael mine site in 2018 for the construction of dewatering bores, and in 2019 for the construction of drill pads and LOX lines.

“DES has formed the view that Adani has not contravened the applicable conditions of its approval and that view is confirmed by barrister Stephen Keim S.C.”

The Adani spokesperson said, "this means that Adani Mining has been fully cleared by both the Federal and State environmental regulators of the false claims made by the Environmental Defenders Office (EDO) for its client Coast and Country last year".  

The permitted activities that occurred during a three-and-a-half week period between 9 March 2018 and 2 April 2018 were:
 Clearing of land for drill pads and access tracks
for six ground water test bores and five ground
water monitoring bores. The land is on the
Moray Downs pastoral lease, which is owned by
 For each bore we cleared a narrow vehicle
access track to give access to a drill rig and
support vehicles and an area less than the size
of a tennis court around the drill hole, which is
required as a workplace safety precaution.
 The photographs below give an example of the
 Between 148m2 and 980m2 was cleared for each track as some were longer than
 Between 30m2 and 270m2 was cleared for each drill pad
 In total approximately 5.8 hectares were cleared.
The total area of disturbance prior to the reporting period (127 hectares, as set out in the
Plan of Operations) should have been carried across.