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Local School Kids Strike For Climate Change


School Strikers are calling on the Federal Government to fund transition beyond coal, oil & gas to 100% renewables, during a series of strikes on Wednesday.  

They have updated their demands to include explicit support for workers and fossil fuel communities whilst fairly transitioning beyond fossil fuels:

  • No new sources of fossil fuels, including the Adani mine.
  • 100% renewable energy generation and exports by 2030.
  • Fund a just transition & job creation for all fossil-fuel workers & communities

Strikes are being held in Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Gladstone and the Sunshine Coast - click on the location for more info.  

A spokesperson for the 'School Strike 4 Climate' movement said "We are calling on the Morrison Government and all state and territory governments to commit to our demands to demonstrate they are committed to tackling the climate crisis".  

"Climate justice is inherently about people: first nations people, workers, young people, all of us. We acknowledge that the climate crisis is disproportionately impacting working class people, which is why it’s so vital that we all work together to overcome this incredible challenge.

"The economic transformation ahead of us will not be easy, but the cost of inaction is far greater. As young people, we seek to work in solidarity with workers and the union movement.

"Our fights are one and the same.

"There are enormous opportunities to create safe and secure jobs in response to the climate crisis, for governments to invest in sustainable infrastructure, to properly support communities and to transform our economy in a way that leaves no one behind.

"On September 20, we will strike from school and work together with people all around the globe, to show our politicians that we are demanding justice for people, our planet, and our children, and we refuse to be quiet until we get it" the spokesperson concluded.