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'Smelly' Teens Charged Over CBD Assault


A couple of kids have been charged over an assault in the Cairns CBD, after stealing cans of deodorant.  

Two 14-year-olds are accused of being part of a group which entered a McLeod Street pharmacy at around 8.30pm and stole several cans of deodorant before leaving the store.

A short time later, two female staff members closed and secured the business and were verbally abused by a group of teens as they were walking across McLeod Street.

Moments later they were allegedly set upon by two teenage girls before being punched and kicked repeatedly.

The teens ran off after witnesses intervened, and police were called.  

Officers located two girls near the intersection of Aplin and Water Streets a short time later and they were taken into custody after allegedly struggling with officers.

They were both charged with two counts each of assault occasioning bodily harm as well as stealing.

The two victims sustained cuts and bruising as a result of the incident and investigations are continuing.