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New Service Launched In Cairns

A new service has been launched in Cairns to meet the needs of businesses, government agencies, community organisations and community members.

Herding Together provides Community Development (Community Building) and Corporate Training assistance and consultancy to communities, organisations, businesses, non-government agencies and government agencies in Far North Queensland.

Founder of the Herding Together, Alan Blackshaw said today “Herding Together aims to build strong, safe, resilient, connected and vibrant communities and organisations.”

The core value driving the service is that the creation of good community lies within the community itself. Similarly, the creation of a successful and strong organisation lies within the organisation. The power to drive change resides with the strengths and assets of the members of communities and organisations. This value underlies both Community Building/Development and Corporate Training services.

Mr Blackshaw also said, “Herding Together provides support, consultancy and training to community, community organisations, the not for profit sector and government agencies.  Our work is aimed at anyone wanting to create connected, strong, safe and resilient communities and strong and growing organisations".

At present Herding Together offers a range of workshop-based training programs to both the Community and Corporate Sectors.

Mr Blackshaw said, “All of our workshops are designed to build on the strengths and assets already available in the community or the organisation. We have a broad range of workshops planned and ready to go. For example we off one workshop called Crime Free Zones. This is a workshop for anyone who is concerned about crime and safety in their neighbourhood. This workshop will introduce people to practical strategies that anyone can do to make their home, street, neighbourhood and suburb a place where crime is less likely to occur and a place where strong and connected community exists. We also offer a range of workshops for businesses, agencies and organisations wanting to build strong teams, flexible, dynamic organisations and growing organisations fit to meet any challenge thrown at them".  

Herding Together is available to design and facilitate workshops of value to the community or to organisations. Services are also offered to design and/or implement Community Consultation Strategies/Plans; Social Policy and Strategic documentation; Reconciliation Action Plans.