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Woman Charged Over Attempted Phone Theft

A woman is accused of punching a girl in the head after she refused to hand over her mobile phone during a confrontation at Mount Sheridan.  

The 18-year-old woman from Edge Hill was charged on Monday. 

It will be alleged the woman was with others when the group approached two 16-year-old girls seated at a table in a Trafalgar Road park on the afternoon of August 25, 2019.

The woman, who was 17 at the time of the incident, demanded one of the girl’s hand over her phone before allegedly punching her in the head.

The victim managed to hang onto her phone and ran off.

A second girl then stole a phone belonging to the other 16-year-old girl after threatening to assault her.

That victim then ran off and joined her friend before returning to her home address and advising her parents of the situation.

The girl’s father then attended a nearby creek and recovered her phone from the offenders.

Detectives attended an Edge Hill address at around 9:00AM on Monday where the woman was taken into custody.

She was charged with one count of assault with intent to steal and will be dealt with under the provisions of The Youth Justice Act 1992 as she is deemed to have been a child at the time.

Investigations are continuing.