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Girl Slams Policewoman's Head Into The Ground, Edmonton

A girl is accused of grabbing a Policewoman by the hair and banging her head on the ground in Edmonton.  

Police were on patrol at about 2.50AM on Sunday when they saw two girls fighting at the corner of Ravizza Drive and Bicentennial Road Edmonton, along with a group of bystanders.

Police intervened and attempted to arrest a 15-year-old Edmonton girl for public nuisance, however it’s alleged the girl attempted to run from police.

It’s further alleged the girl tripped before she grabbed a female police officer by the hair, dragged the officer to the ground and hit her head into the ground.

The girl ran off, with the officer giving chase before it’s alleged the girl stopped, shaped up to the female officer and punched her in the face. She was arrested and  taken into custody. As she was being conveyed to the police vehicle, it’s alleged she lashed again and kicked the officer in the leg.

It’s further alleged she was in possession of a knife, bong and scissors at the time.

She was charged with one count each of public nuisance, assault police, possess knife, obstruct police, and two counts each of serious assault police whilst  adversely affected and possess utensils.

The second 15-year-old Edmonton girl continued fighting with other youths before police intervened and arrest her. She was charged with one count of public nuisance.

Both girls are scheduled to appear in the Cairns Children’s Court.