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Cairns Hosts Climate Fundraiser Concert

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Cairns will host a fundraiser on Thursday to hopefully find solutions to help tackle climate change.  

The Jack Hotel, will play host to the live concert from 5:00-10:00PM.

The initiative will raise funds for the New Jobs Plan for Queensland, a joint initiative of unions and the AYCC.

“The concert will feature music from five different different local original artists including myself, Tanya Murphy and STRAIT UP” said local musician Adrian Thomas.

“I’m excited to be working with the young folks at AYCC pushing for solutions on climate change, there's been a lot of rhetoric and inaction from our leaders and it's great to see young people filling that void. I’ve spoken to a lot of folks around Cairns who are all in agreement that the Climate is changing and now is the time to stand up, Cairns is very reliant on Tourism, if opening to innovation and a different way of thinking will protect the reef and our laid back way of life up here then that's worth standing up for!”

AYCC Cairns Coordinator, Garrett Swearingen, said “The horror summer of drought, fire and floods we’re experiencing show we need to move to renewables quickly and fairly. We’re using the power of music to sell our vision of a green, prosperous Queensland for all.”

Young rising talents Legends of Perhaps are amongst the groups playing at Rock for Renewables. Legends of Perhaps have dedicated their platform to advocating for climate action.

Holly from Legends of Perhaps said “As a young person there’s no bigger threat to my future than climate change, but we would never want to have to choose between the planet and our livelihoods. What’s exciting about the New Jobs Plan is that it is all about creating good jobs in clean industries, and we’re excited to throw our support behind it by playing at Rock for Renewables”.

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By Michelle Brewer