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Barr Creek construction approved

Council has endorsed the Development Application to allow construction to start on a shared pedestrian/cycle bridge over Barr Creek that will provide an off-road connection between Machans Beach and Holloways Beach.

The bridge, from Willow Street in Holloways Beach to Marshall Street in Machans Beach, will increase pedestrian and cyclist connectivity as part of the Northern Beaches Leisure Trail.

As the bridge alignment falls within environmentally significant areas, construction is subject to strict codes and the need to mitigate and minimise any potential environmental impacts as outlined by the State Assessment and Referral Agency.

The low profile, concrete bridge will be approximately 150 metres long with a 3.5-metre wide cycling and pedestrian path, and have a 20m ramp on the Holloways Beach side and a 10m ramp on the Machans Beach side.

It is envisaged that bridge construction will be completed by August 2021, subject to all approvals being granted.

As Council was the applicant, an assessment of the DA was conducted by an independent town planning firm.

Council has received Federal and State Government funding contributions for this project.