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Calls to quarantine travellers in Cairns


A local MP is calling for Cairns to become a quarantine city.

It follows reports of more than 25,000 Aussies 'begging' to come home, as major cities around the country struggle to accommodate returning travellers.

Federal Member for Leichhardt Warren Entsch said they are not all COVID cases.

"These are people who have travelled overseas for a whole raft of reasons and they are ready to come home," Mr Entsch.

"Remember, they get tested before the leave, they get tested on the aircraft, they get tested when they arrive and they get tested about 11 days after they are here."

Mr Entsch said there are hotels in Cairns unable to open because they have no people to use them.

"Quarantine hotels are pretty much empty, so why not use them," Mr Entsch said.

"We've got the hotels, we've got the experience here and we've shown that we can do it, we can deliver it in spades."