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Youths arrested over CBD offences, Cairns


Two boys aged 12 and 13 have been charged following multiple complaints regarding their alleged unruly behaviour in the CBD yesterday morning (October 19).

Police located the pair on a roof in Water Street where they were allegedly throwing cans at
residents below.

When told they were under arrest, it will be alleged they fled from officers. Several police units rounded up the duo, who were taken to hospital for a health clearance.

It will be further alleged they ran through multiple businesses creating a disturbance earlier, yelling at employees and patrons.

Around 8am, it was reported to police they threatened a woman outside a McLeod Street shopping centre, before banging on the windows of a taxi a woman entered to escape them.

Police will further allege the boys were involved in the wilful damage of a car in Cairns North around 3.30am where rocks were thrown at a parked station wagon causing windows to smash. A bike was then stolen from the car.

The 13-year-old boy was also charged over incidents at a Manunda shopping centre on October 10 and 15 which included the alleged assault of a security officer and patrons at the centre, and the theft of property from a grocery store.

The 13-year-old boy was charged with five counts of common assault, four counts of trespass, and one count each of committing a public nuisance, obstructing police, unregulated high-risk activity, wilful damage and entering a premises.

The 12-year-old boy was charged with three counts of trespass, obstructing a police officer, entering a premises, committing a public nuisance, unregulated high-risk activities and common assault.