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Cleaner's partner tests positive to highly-contagious UK strain


The partner of a cleaner at a Brisbane quarantine hotel who tested positive to the highly-contagious UK variant of coronavirus, has also tested positive.

The partner has been in quarantine since 7 January; however, contact tracing is underway and Queensland Health has identified new venues of concern.

Anyone who has been to these areas needs to get tested for coronavirus – regardless of whether they have symptoms or not.


The man has had two coronavirus tests, with a positive test coming back today.

Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young says the result isn’t surprising because the mutant strain is more contagious than the first. 

Genome sequencing is being done to find out if the cleaner’s partner has the UK variant, but that it is highly likely to be the case.

“It highlights the importance of why the Greater Brisbane lockdown was so important to ensure any potential spread of the virus is contained,” Dr Young says.

“This is a really important reminder to follow the advice we’ve been giving – socially distance, wear a mask when required and get tested if you have symptoms.

“We are determining the man’s potential infectious period and contact tracing is underway

“We usually do not report any new cases until the next reporting period, however I wanted to stress again the importance of anyone, no matter where they are in the state, to come forward for testing if they have any symptoms of COVID-19 whatsoever.”

Dr Young says additional testing of other close contacts of the couple will continue this week.

“We’re asking anyone who has been to specific locations the first positive case has been, to get tested and go into quarantine for 14 days since exposure,” Dr Young said.

“Critically, even if a negative test result is received, please continue to monitor for symptoms and get retested if necessary.”

The Greater Brisbane lockdown ended at 6pm.