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Brace for more wet weather


More wet weather is expected to hit the Far North this week, but an end is in sight. 
Overnight, Tully and Ingham received over 200millimetres in just six hours - prompting a flood warning for the Tully and Murray Rivers. 
The Bureau of Meteorology forecaster James Thompson says similar falls are expected to hit the areas again tonight with up to 100mms predicted. 
"Moderate to heavy falls are expected tonight and into tomorrow," Mr Thompson says. 
"We will start to see conditions ease off a little bit through Thursday into Friday as the surge moves further north."
Looking at the last seven days, rainfall totals have hit 500mms for Tully while Ingham totals have exceeded that. 
Flood Warning
Minor flooding is expected along the Tully River. 
Currently at Euramo the water is sitting above 3.50 metres and is expected to exceed the minor flood level of six meters this morning. 
Minor flooding is also expected along the Murray River. 
At Murray Flats its currently sitting at 6.55 metres and it's expected to also exceed the minor flood level of seven metres today. 
King Tides
King tide warnings are also in place for most of the Far North Queensland.
Forecaster James Thompson says thanks to the new moon tides will get pretty close to the highest tide of the year. 
According to Cairns Regional Council tide levels for Cairns are expected at the following times (other areas may vary):
Tuesday: 3.25m at 9.06am
Wednesday: 3.26m at 9.45am
Thursday: 3.19m at 10.25am
Friday: 3.05m at 11.03am