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Donors needed to help save lives


Cairns residents are being urged to roll up their sleeves and make a lifesaving donation.

Red Cross Lifeblood centers across Queensland need 6,000 additional people to donate blood and plasma over the next two weeks.

An additional 250 plasms donors are needed across Cairns alone.

Spokesperson Belinda Smetioukh says donor centres across the state were impacted last year with people not donating as much and cancelling appointments.

"The need for blood is still there, so looking forward into 2021 we are still needing donors," Ms Smetioukh says.

"We are also reminding people, donating blood is an essential service, and is exempt from any restrictions from people's movements."

She's calling on Cairns locals to book an appointment now, to prevent stock shortages, especially with Australia Day coming up.

According to Lifeblood the most pressing dates this month are from Friday, Jan 22 until the public holiday on Tuesday January 26.

"The need for blood doesn't end, so we have to open on public holidays so donor center right across the state will be open on Monday before Australia Day and Australia Day itself."