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Cairns drink driver caught almost four times over limit


Twenty-one people have been nabbed for drinking driving - including a woman who below nearly four times over the legal limit - over the Easter weekend in Greater Cairns

As part of a road safety blitz, police did 1250 roadside breath tests and licence checks between Gordonvale and Mossman, between April 2 and April 5.

Police charged 10 people with low-range drink drivers, seven mid-range, three high-range, and one person with driving over the no-alcohol limit.

A 47-year-old Manoora woman was charged with high-range drink driving after providing a blood alcohol concentration of 0.193.

Police will allege she was driving through Bucas Court during the early hours of Friday morning, when she was intercepted by police.

Fourteen drivers were charged with driving while unlicenced or disqualified.

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