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Lake Street crowned worst crash hotspot in Cairns


Lake Street has taken out the top crash hotspot in Cairns.

Insurance company AAMI has analysed more than 360,000 claims in the last 12 months to come up with a list of the most dangerous crash sites across Australia.

The Bruce Highway topped the list in five regional Queensland towns.

Head of motor claims Matt Pugliese says most of the crashes involved rear ending.

"We see drivers getting distracted and tailgating and then not watching what's going on in front of them, and then hitting the car in front of them," Mr Pugliese says.

The research aims to create awareness about crash sites and inform government decision making.

“We’re asking all Australians just to be safe on our roads.

"So slow down, allow some space in between you and the car in front, follow conditions and just keep your eyes on the road, just don’t get distracted when you’re driving.”