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Zero community cases in Qld amid latest Covid panic


Queensland has recorded zero community Covid cases just a day after an unvaccinated rideshare driver tested positive and spent 10 days in the community while infectious.

Police are investigating if the 36-year-old was turned away at the Gold Coast border a number of times, before finally illegally entering while sick with the Delta strain.

He is in Gold Coast University Hospital on oxygen and is too sick to tell health authorities where he has been over the past few weeks, making it difficult for contact tracers to put together a list of exposure sites.

Chief health officer Dr Jeannette Young says the man is “extremely sick” and will probably end up in the ICU.

“He is so sick that he probably has not been out in the community, so we don’t have exposure sites for him.

“We believe he only has casual contacts because he has been so sick.”

Dr Young says the driver is young, fit and healthy; however, he is unvaccinated. She says this is a reminder of why it is crucial for people of all ages to get the jab.

“He is a fit man in his 30s… this is why it is critical people get vaccinated.

A truck driver who is now in Victoria but had travelled to Queensland earlier this month has also tested positive to coronavirus. He was in the Queensland community on October 18 and 19, before heading to the southern state.

Thursday’s listed exposure sites at Acacia Ridge, Thornlands and Stafford are linked to the truck driver, while a barber shop in Richlands is connected to the Gold Coast rideshare driver.

She is imploring people who are unvaccinated to take advantage of tomorrow’s ‘Super Saturday’ vaccination blitz, with more than 100 schools across Queensland opening pop-up community clinics.

“Your time to get vaccinated before the December deadline really is running out,” she warns.

“We can get virus in our community at any point of time.”

On the vaccination tour today, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has visited Marsden State High School in the hopes of boosting jab rates in the Logan area.

Around 87,000 residents are yet to be vaccinated, with Logan’s double-dose vaccination rate sitting well below the state average at 41 per cent.

In Marsden and Crestmead, only 36 per cent of the eligible population is fully vaccinated.

The Premier says the vaccination has never been more accessible than it will be this weekend with GPs, pharmacists, community walk-in hubs and schools all offering the jab for free.

“Make it a family day out and come and get vaccinated.

“It doesn’t hurt; it takes very little time.”

As of Friday, 73.66 per cent of Queenslanders had at least one dose and 58.72 per cent were fully vaccinated.