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UPDATE | Croc Hunt Continues After Nursing Home Resident Goes Missing

UPDATE | Police have continued their search overnight for a crocodile that may have taken an elderly woman missing from a Port Douglas nursing home.
The search for a crocodile has continued in Port Douglas overnight.
Police revealed on Thursday that 79-year-old Anne Cameron may have been taken, after she went missing from her Craiglie residence on Tuesday.
The missing woman suffers from dementia and Acting Inspector Ed Lukin said she had gone missing before but had asked a member of the public how to get home.
Unfortunately Ms Cameron had only recently been relocated to the Craiglie nursing home. She had been there for around four weeks.
Acting Inspector Lukin said some clothing and a walking stick with the woman's name on it, had been found near a crocodile-infested creek.
"We've also located some biological matter which we believe to be human remains, but those items are currently being tested in Cairns," he said.
He said police remained optimistic that the missing woman could still be found alive.
But "because of the proximity of these items and this unknown material located near this creek bank, we cannot rule out the possibility of a croc attack".
The land and sea search will continue on Friday. While Katter's Australian Party has renewed the push for a crocodile cull.
Speaking outside State Parliament yesterday, Leader Robbie Katter said their Safer Waterways bill, which has been before Parliament for six months, would help solve the problem with crocs’ exploding numbers.
Mr Katter said if there was a similar attack in southeast Queensland, new legislation would follow immediately.
He went on to say, “everyone who lives up north knows the numbers are exploding, they’re in all the waterways where they have never been before and we don’t seem to have the power to do anything about this".