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Thursday Island Hosting Special Event

The 2018 ‘Winds of Zenadth Cultural Festival’ is underway on Thursday Island.

The largest event of its kind held in the Torres Strait, is a four day long celebration showcasing the diverse culture of the region.

From boat races, traditional dancing, island cuisine and constructed villages, this festival is clearly one no one wants to miss.

The theme of the 2018 festival is ‘Stand Strong: Culture is our Foundation’.

The Torres Strait have several ‘TSIPSO’s (Torres Strait Police Support Officers) largely involved in the dance groups who will perform daily for locals and tourists alike.

A total of 19 dance groups from around the Torres Strait, Northern Peninsula Area and Lockhart River have spent many hours rehearsing their traditional song and dance to perform daily at this biennial festival.

The festival commenced in 1987 and was named after the traditional name for the Torres Straits – ‘Zenadth Kes’.

The aim of the festival is to preserve the language, culture, art and ceremony that is the Torres Strait.

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