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Boot Brisbane Forums Being Rolled Out

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Boot Brisbane will be hold its sixth New State Forum in Mackay next month.

Supporters will gather at the Souths League Club at 181 Milton Street on Wednesday May 8 from 7-9pm.

Robbie Katter MP, State Member for Traeger, will attend the sixth New State Forum in Mackay.  He is one of several Guest Speakers.  Boot Brisbane Coordinator Bill Bates said KAP has been involved since the beginning and sees the merit of keeping the discussion in the public forum.

Mr Bates also said, the problems followed the 2017 redistribution of electoral boundaries, "which saw four new seats created in the South East, so now we have a situation where central and north Queensland only have 20 seats in the 93 seat Parliament".

The New State Forum is primarily a public information secession providing relevant details such as Chapter VI of the Constitution, previous efforts to create New States, with particular emphasis on the 1967 NSW, New England State referendum and what political representation and benefits would be afforded to the residents of the New State.

He said "this year it will be 160 years of central and north Queensland having its decisions made for it by Brisbane, I thinks it's time we started making our own decisions for our best interests and have a Parliament that governs for us".

Mr Bates said the "Federal Election is not really the key element of our activities, the real measure will be coming next year in the State Election".

He added "the formation of a new state really lies in the jurisdiction of the State Government with regards to being able to provide us with a referendum".

Mr Bates said they have a "solid core group of dedicated members in Cairns, we've also got an online membership of 50 odd people...plus a registration of 300 odd supporters".

Boot Brisbane has also just applied to be listed as Incorporated.

Other guest speakers in Mackay include George Christensen MP, Federal Member for Dawson, Mackay City Councillor Martin Bella and Peter Raffles, Principal at Conflict Solutions Pty Ltd.

Since forming in May 2018 Boot Brisbane held five New State Forums, videos of which can be viewed on web site bootbrisbane.com.

There is another Boot Brisbane Forum planned for Cairns and then one will be held in Rockhampton, Gladstone and Bundaberg down the track.

Guest speakers at past New State Forums have included:

Professor David Flint (AM)

Hon Bob Katter MP – Federal Member for Kennedy

Hon George Christensen MP – Federal Member for Dawson

Hon Robbie Katter MP - State Member for Traeger

Hon Shane Knuth MP – State Member for Hill

Phil Cassell – Chairman, North Queensland Civil Construction Association INC

Ron Crew – Chairman, Cairns Port Development INC

Geoff Cox – Burdekin Cane Grower

David Pellow – Social Media Commentator (Pellow Talk)

Peter Raffles - Principal of Conflict Solutions Pty Ltd