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Labor Candidate For Leichhardt's Election Eve Pitch

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This election, voters have a clear choice. They can vote for more money for our schools and hospitals under a Labor Government. Or they can vote for more cuts and chaos under the LNP.

Labor candidate for Leichhardt, Elida Faith held a rally outside the Cairns Hospital to launch Labor’s Health Action Plan for Far North Queensland.

“Everywhere I go in Far North Queensland, I hear stories about our healthcare system.

“I hear stories from our doctors, nurses, paramedics and hospital workers about the enormous pressure they feel to look after their patients in a hospital that is overcrowded and underfunded.

“I hear stories from patients who have spent up to six hours waiting, in pain, in our emergency department, or lying in makeshift beds in the corridors.

“I hear stories from patients who have been waiting years on our surgery waiting lists.

“And just last week, I sat with my own mum in the Cairns Hospital, as they struggled to find her a proper bed.

“We deserve better in Far North Queensland.

“This election is a choice between Labor’s plan for more health investment or bigger tax loopholes for the top end of town under the LNP – paid for by cuts to the services Far North Queenslanders rely on.

“We need real change – because more of the same isn’t good enough.

“End the chaos. Vote for change. Vote for Labor.”

Labor's Health Action Plan for FNQ: 

Cairns Hospital Emergency Department
Labor will invest $15 million for a major redevelopment of the Cairns Hospital Emergency Department.

Cairns University Hospital
Labor will invest $60 million in a new dedicated training facility at the Cairns Hospital.

Endoscopy Unit Upgrade
Labor will invest $2.3 million to build a third procedure room in the Cairns Hospital’s endoscopy unit to keep up with rising demand for these important services.

Multidisciplinary Pre-Admission Unit
Labor will invest $1.9 million to build a new Multidisciplinary Pre-admission Clinic at the Cairns Hospital – so that patients about to undergo elective surgery have all the services they need in one location.

More Nurses for Cairns
Labor will base a new metastatic cancer nurse and lung cancer nurse in Cairns, boosting care and support for locals.

Indigenous Sexual Health
Labor will restore $1.8 million cut by the LNP to fund four full-time sexual health and community liaison officers based in Cairns and Brisbane.

Surgery Wait Times
Labor will invest $45 million across Queensland to slash wait times for elective surgery.

Medicare Cancer Plan
Labor will invest $2.3 billion in our Medicare Cancer Plan, which will dramatically slash out-of-pocket costs for cancer patients, meaning cheaper scans and tests, cheaper consultations and cheaper medicines.

Pensioner Dental Plan
Labor will invest $2.4 billion in our Pensioner Dental Plan, which will make it easier for 16 400 older people in Far North Queensland to access $1,000 worth of dental services every two years.

Indigenous Health Plan
Labor will prioritise the health and wellbeing of First Nations peoples by delivering a $115.1 million package that will put First Nations peoples at the centre of decision-making – from primary care delivery to health research.

Funding for this commitment has been included in Labor’s Fair Go Budget Plan, available at http://www.alp.org.au/labors_fiscal_plan.