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BREAKING | Bob Katter Wins And Retains His Seat Of Kennedy

UPDATE | Bob Katter has reained his seat of Kennedy.  

The result has been declared only one hour after the count got underway according to ABC live coverage.  

Mr Katter winning 63 to 36 per-cent ahead of the LNP'S Frank Beveridge.  The ABC declaring it a KAP win with little more than 11 per-cent of the vote counted.  

The result has not officially been declared by the AEC. 

EARLIER | Bob Katter has what would be considered a relatively safe margin in the Federal seat of Kennedy but he admits he never feels confident.  

"Winston Churchill's famous quote, I'm a humble man but then I have much to be humble about" he said.

Despite holding a good margin, he said was happy that 'he was him', while working at the polling booths on Saturday.

Mr Katter said it helps that he know a lot of locals including Islanders and their families, but he is staying humble labelling politics the "world's most unpredictable game".

He may be a touch superstitious though, saying that he hates to say too much before the results start rolling in.

And we do have some early results coming in. Mr Katter currently leads LNP candidate Frank Beveridge 61 to 38 per-cent after preferences with 5.2 per-cent of the vote counted there.

He admitted he was feeling confident about KAP candidate Daniel McCathy's chances in Leichhardt and he felt like Nanette Radeck would do well in Herbert.

In Leichhardt, it is neck and neck between the LNP'S Warren Entsch and Labor's Elida Faith with Entsch ahead 33 to 32 per-cent after preferences. KAP'S Daniel McCarthy has 6.8 per-cent of the vote so far.

In Herbert the count hasn't been posted online yet.

Mr Katter feels like even if they dip out in Cairns and Townsville they won't be too far behind.

By Michelle Price