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Premier Demands Deadline For Adani's Mine Approvals By Friday

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is at Mackay's Hay Point Coal Terminal on Wednesday.

She is touring Mackay with local MP Julieanne Gilbert after the Courier Mail predicted hers was a seat that would almost certainly be lost at the 2020 State Election.  

The Premier has told media she has a message for regional Queensland, "I'm really sorry that Labor let you down, I am sorry that happened".

"But I'm not going to let Queensland down.

"Our exports have gone from strength to strength.

On Sunday the Premier will head to Japan to meet with people in the coal and agricultural sectors.  

She said she values Queensland workers, saying she knows they want the best for their families and so does she.  

Ms Palaszczuk said "at the end of the day, it's about putting food on the table".  

She said her Government is "up to the challenge" and her team is focused on jobs.

On Adani, she said "I think that the community is fed up with the processes, I know I am fed up with the processes, my local members are fed up with the processes", adding "we need some certainty and some timeframes". 

She wants Adani and the independent regulator to sit down with the Coordinator General and discuss timeframes around the remaining reports on Thursday.  The Premier said the Coordinator General has the power to sort this out.  

The Premier has demanded a timeframe by Friday, so the Queensland community, especially those who are keen to benefit from jobs that would arise from this project, can get some certainty.  

It comes after Adani issued a statement urging the Queensland Government to help it get the Carmichael Project done.

Adani has since returned fire with a deadline of its own.  CEO Lucas Dow said on Wednesday that "if approval of these outstanding management plans is not concluded in two weeks, this is simply just another delaying tactic".  

Mr Dow said “We have been asking for clarity of process and timing from the Queensland Labor Government in relation to the approvals of our outstanding management plans for more than seven months now".  

“We are looking forward to receiving a call from the Coordinator General so we can meet first thing tomorrow morning, and at that meeting I will be seeking the timeline for
approving the two outstanding management plans come to a conclusion within the next two weeks.

“Any timeframe for a decision on these outstanding management plans longer than the next two weeks is nothing more than another delaying tactic by the Queensland Labor Government designed to delay thousands of jobs for regional Queenslanders.

“The Queensland Labor Government has been reviewing these management plans for over two years now.

“We have been put through the highest level of scrutiny on these plans, and overcome every hurdle along the way and these plans have been approved at the Federal level already.

“We know Queenslanders want the Carmichael Project up and running and my commitment to them is that we will do everything we can to get this finalised as soon as possible.

“It’s time for the Queensland Labor Government to stop the political games. Stop shifting the goal posts and let us get on with delivering these jobs for regional Queenslanders.

“It is time to get the Carmichael Project done.”

The timing of the Premier's announcement in Mackay on Wednesday comes days out from Labor's dramatic Federal Election loss.  

When the Premier was asked on Wednesday why she hasn't made these demands before, she said she thinks everyone would have liked to have seen it happen sooner and it hasn't.  

She said "I'm as disappointed as everyone else but there's two issues here which need to be resolved, one's with the Federal Government, we need to get them resolved quickly and this is the line in the sand, this is the meeting tomorrow [Thursday], and I want timelines to get to me on Friday and I will release them to the public so everyone knows and everyone knows those timelines will be kept".  

By Michelle Price